About Us

The company was built on 45 years experience in importing industrial products from the Far East. We mainly operate with China, where we have our production managers and technicians for quality control.

Over the years we acquired a wide experience in producing a variety of steel parts. Currently we have 12 factories producing for us and our customers.

Our products include:

  • Cast Iron, ADI (austempered ductile iron) up to 1’600 N/mm2 with high elongation
  • Steel Casting in all Alloys and Stainless Steel
  • Special steel profiles.
  • Hot rolled forming: to produce precision rings up to 6 m in diameter
  • Brass and metal items.
  • All types of heat treatment and hardening, plus special surface hardening
  • CNC machining

Our aim is to be consistent in supplying good quality products over years.

How we work:

The production of a new product involves the following steps:

  1. Consultation: the product is analysed. We always consider the possibility of improving the product properties. Often we replace welded parts with steel casting.
  2. Review: the items are tested under maximum stress-load to find the best ratio between minimum thickness and minimum weight, taking into consideration the right steel alloy and suitable heat treatment.
  3. Production of samples: for field testing by the end user. We might produce samples in different alloys and N/mm2 .
  4. Fine tuning: to adjust the drawing and produce a “ 0 “ Series. This will allow the end user a first test assembly.
  5. Production.